Oval Duct

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Oval Duct

Oval Duct is a product that combines the advantages of a circular spiral duct and a square spiral duct. It has a smooth air flow and excellent space utilization.

Product Type Product Code
Oval Duct OD Φd1(Φd)

Product Features

  • Excellent space utilization and smooth air flow.
  • Beautiful exterior during exposed construction.
|Dimension Table| Order in the order of d1(D*W) by referring to the Dimension Table

Product Uses

  • Dual insulation tubes for air conditioning (ventilation and supply and exhaust), industrial dust collector, animal laboratory/plant tissue culture room, factory environment improvement system, clean room facility, etc.

Product Specification

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet (GI/CGI)
Galvalume (G/L)
Stainless steel (STS 304)

Diameter(øD) (mm) : 125 ~ 1,450
Depth(D) (mm) : 40 ~ 500
Width(W) (mm) : 178 ~ 2,020
Thickness(T) (mm) : 0.5 ~ 1.0
Length (m) : 2

Dimension Table